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Through the application of Geographic information systems (GIS) technology, RCMRD has been involved in the global fight against Corona Virus. Due to the invention of computerized Geographic information systems, it has become easier to analyze, visualize and detect patterns of diseases outbreak and its spread. Now the geo experts like RCMRD are ingesting the data from their sources and displaying the results on a near real time interactive dashboard. When people explore maps, they may start to make connections which might have otherwise gone missing. 

RCMRD has been providing up to date data on COVID cases in its 20 member States which are in the Eastern and Southern African region. Additionally, the data has been broken down into the 47 counties in Kenya, where RCMRD is hosted.  RCMRD has gathered live feed data from credible sources like WHO website and Ministries of health daily updates and is presented in maps, and graphs showing top 10 cases of COVID in the member States, number of deaths reported and government’s status.

 The the COVID-19 dashboard is available at

From the COVID-19 Dashboard, South Africa has recorded the highest fatality rate  with a number  of 670,766 confirmed cases 16,398 death cases and  603,721recoveries. Following this is Ethiopia with a total of 73,332 confirmed cases, 1,170 deaths and  30,363 recovery cases. The least affected member country is Seychelles recording 143, confirmed cases followed by Mauritius  with 367 confirmed cases.

The data from the RCMRD dashboard is available to everyone.


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