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The Engineering section offers the following three important functions to the member States

  • Performing regular Service, maintenance, and calibration of all surveying instruments in the government ministries according to our recommended maintenance schedule. We travel to at least 8 countries per year. This is the best way to keep government surveying instruments working in optimal condition and ensure their longevity.
  • We also offer advisory services, to both the government and private practitioners, (private companies, universities, technical colleges, and other ministries who use surveying instruments) on where to acquire surveying instruments, especially considering after-sale services (service training and spare parts).
  • We support other sections in the organization like the GIS/Remote Sensing and Survey Section, especially with the use of the CORS network (Leica CORS network with Spider Software).

The RCMRD engineering department offers a wide range of technical services, all conducted by Leica Geosystems or authorized local distribution partners whose technicians are trained by Leica Geosystems, using the latest technology and professional tools. Our service centres are regularly re-certified and operate with the same Leica Geosystems-designed professional tools and standards.

We are committed to providing quality Calibration, repair, and servicing to Geosystems equipment such as GS18, TS-16- Digital Level etc


We are accredited as an Official Leica Geosystems Service Centre Authorization, click on this link to see the certificate



The broad service offering includes:

Maintenance Services

  • Preventative maintenance at different levels, depending on product and usage
  • Minimize downtime and repairs and confirm the accuracy

Repair Services

  • Simple to extensive repairs
  • Rebuilds of dropped instruments

Certification Services

  • Annual accuracy confirmation different
  • levels of calibration certificates

Upgrade Services

  • Upgrades of products with the latest technology
  • New farmwear upgrade with Customer Care Package CCP 

Training Services

  • Maintenance and handling of equipment 
  • Service and calibration for the professional technician.
  • Safety and environment policy (Local and International)

Please contact us using this email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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