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East and Southern Africa Forest Observatory (OFESA) provides a platform for sharing, exchanging, and accessing data and information related to East and Southern Africa’s forests. The objective of the observatory is to produce a comprehensive and harmonized regional dataset on the latest trends and threats to forests, and to make information useful and easily accessible to policymakers, funders, forestry practitioners and citizens. By informing decision-making, OFESA supports five countries in the region – Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda – to meet their climate and environment targets. In these five countries, OFESA works closely with focal point institutions such as the Kenya Forest Service, the National Directorate of Forests Mozambique, the Ethiopia Forestry Development, the Tanzania Forest Service and the National Forestry Authority Uganda.



Although OFESA’s databases already provide an initial overview of these priority areas, collaboration with participating countries is needed to ensure that data is updated and more information is collected. The OFESA database provides information such as streamlined country-level information on forest cover as a percentage of total land area, total forest land, forest types, distribution of the various forest types, forest definitions, trends in forest change as well as drivers of deforestation.


Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Uganda Bwindi impentrable forest  

The East and Southern Africa Forest Observatory (OFESA) builds stakeholders’ capacity in monitoring and management to support decision-making.

The East and Southern Africa Forest Observatory (OFESA) recently organised a one-week Regional training workshop on the use of GIS and Remote Sensing Technology for forest monitoring and management from May 9-13, 2022 at the Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) in Nairobi Kenya.

The training which was attended by 25 participants from Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda addressed the current absence of regionally comparable datasets by providing key indicators that can be streamlined in the region as well as priority themes such as forest restoration and forest governance to feed into the State of the Forests report which is currently under preparation.

OFESA provides a platform for sharing, exchanging and

accessing data and information related to

East and Southern Africa’s forests.


CIFOR-ICRAF is a non-profit, scientific institution that conducts research on the most pressing challenges of forest and landscape management around the world. Using a global, multidisciplinary approach, CIFOR-ICRAF aims to improve human well-being, protect the environment, and increase equity. For this, CIFOR – ICRAF conducts innovative research, develop partners’ capacity, and actively engage in dialogue with all stakeholders to inform policies and practices that affect forests and people.


RCMRD is an inter-governmental organization established in 1975 under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the then Organization of African Unity (OAU), today African Union (AU). The RCMRD is based in Nairobi, Kenya with 20 Contracting Member States in the Eastern and Southern Africa Regions. RCMRD is a Premier Centre of Excellence in the provision of geo-information and allied technologies for sustainable development in our member States and other stakeholders. The RCMRD training institute offers training in Cartography & GIS, Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, Cartography, Land Surveying, Information Technology, Accounting courses etc.

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