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The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced the availability of additional Sentinel-2A sample products in the Sentinel Scientific Data Hub. This development coincides with the satellite commissioning, which is currently in progress. Sentinel 2 is a multi-spectral satellite with resolutions of 10, 20 & 60 and 13 multispectral bands. Sentinel 2 is part of ESA Copernicus programme. The Sentinel-2A sample products quality is still introductory and will be enhanced in the forthcoming operational products. Sentinel-2 products can be searched for by typing any of the following queries in the search bar of the data hub: collection:S2samples, S2A*, platformname:Sentinel-2, S2MSI1C, and producttype:S2MSI1C. The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development has an account with the Sentinel Scientific Data Hub and will make the data available on request.

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New Sentinel-2 products available in the Scientific Data Hub

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