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Lecturers at the Regional Training Centre Institute (RCTI) recently undertook a Competency Based Education and Training Courses – CBET course. The training was administered by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Curriculum Development Assessment and Certification Council (TVET CDACC). The workshop aimed to provide support for the ongoing competency-based curriculum reform on teacher education of the Kenyan government. It focused on deepening the understanding of teacher educators on competency-based curriculum, pedagogy, instructional strategies and assessment, high quality rubric design, the teacher professional development policy framework and the Kenya Professional Teaching Standards.

The four-day workshop used the cooperative learning base group approach, where participants worked in small groups to encourage group activities and discussions, reflection, feedback, peer review activities and presentations. The workshop covered learner-centered instructional strategies and assessment practices, such as multiple intelligences, a method that teachers can use to evaluate their own as well as learner’s learning styles to understand how to approach learners in a learner-centered manner.

Kenya has developed seven basic education core competencies that all students are required to have. These competencies include: (1) communication and collaboration, (2) critical thinking and problem solving, (3) imagination and creativity, (4) citizenship, (5) digital literacy, (6) learning to learn and (7) self-efficacy. The competencies progress as students move up through grade levels. Therefore, the participants developed competency descriptors and indicators across several grade levels for specific learning outcomes.

At the end of the training, all teachers are expected to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for effective implementation of CBC, apply innovative pedagogical approaches and models, demonstrate competencies in assessment and be self- reflective, self-improving and supportive learners themselves. The Competency-Based Curriculum for early years education was rolled out in pre-primary 1 and 2, and grades 1,2 and 3 across Kenya early in January 2019.

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