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In an event, your machine is faulty or requires some major adjustments, RCMRD has a solution for you. At RCMRD, we provide service repair, maintenance and calibration of surveying instruments. Theses equipment includes theodolites, total stations, levels, and GPS receivers, among others. In line with our mandate, we offer service mission on the same to our member States, the latest being Zimbabwe before COVID-19 global pandemic on March 16 which was cut short. Additionally, we build capacity to various users of these equipment on the same across the year through a two-week course by our engineering section. 

The two weeks course aims to equip the trainees with practical skills on calibration, field test level, dismantling and repairing level, and repairing optical-mechanical instruments aligning EDMs in total stations. Additionally, we train on theoretical knowledge on principles of theodolite, recording procedures, storage, transportation and handling of survey equipment.

According to Ms. Jacinta Zakayo, a technician at the RCMRD Engineering section, when surveying equipment are well calibrated, they achieve high accuracies and precise measurements in surveys. Calibration process is done to restore the original standards of known accuracy that were set by the manufacturers, therefore an instrument which is calibrated gives measurements as per the set accuracy standards. It involves a comparison of the instrument readings with those of another equipment that has been adjusted to the ISO standard or the parameters. That is the International Standard for the accreditation of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. Therefore, you adjust a measurement instrument to agree with value of the applied standard. Calibrated machines ensure the user gain confidence in the results they are taking or considering. 

Jacinta adds that, "it is the mishandling of these equipment that reduces their efficiency and durability leading to lose of calibration. She advices users to calibrate total station at least once a year but if the equipment is rarely used, it can be serviced every six months. However, a level machine should be calibrated every 6 months or after every 3 months if often used. This helps to mitigate the risk of inconvenience at work, inaccuracy resulting from their faulty state, and high replacement costs.

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