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Climate services is the term used to describe the development and provision of weather and climate information for decision making. Climate services involve the production, translation, transfer, and use of climate knowledge and information in climate-informed decision making and climate-smart policy and planning.

RCMRD/SERVIR held a two-day climate services workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 9-10th February, 2016. The workshop was attended by Ethiopian and regional experts in agriculture, pastoralism, and hydro-meteorology as well as United States of America experts in observational, modeling, and satellite-derived data generation and sharing. An interactive meeting of such experts was meant to allow for a better identification of the tools and skills required to make the best use of both global and locally available climate and environmental information for Ethiopian climate services.

The meeting discussed the specific climate services situations, needs and opportunities of agriculture and pastoralism sectors in Ethiopia. There was also an introduction of several accessible datasets and data streams that could improve existing climate information services. Additionally, discussions focused on opportunities to improve, such as agricultural monitoring, seasonal forecasting, rangelands monitoring and longer term research and planning. Specific emphasis was placed on meeting needs across various periods, from historic to near-real time to seasonal to decadal. The meeting objectives included improving the understanding of user needs for climate services related to agriculture and pastoralism; increasing awareness about the latest meteorological, climate, and environmental datasets relevant to climate services for agriculture and pastoralism; identifying opportunities to improve climate services by integrating these datasets; and identifying ways to support these opportunities by building on existing efforts.

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