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SERVIR-Eastern and Southern Africa recently held a regional workshop for satellite-based water quality monitoring in East Africa.The meeting was held at Kibo Palace in Arusha, Tanzania.

The goal of the workshop was development of an integrated (Earth observation and in-situ measurements) and functional water quality monitoring service to improve basin-scale decision making and improve water quality management.

Participants included water quality experts from Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The objectives included: Stakeholder mapping of national and regional stakeholders within the scope of Earth Observation, Remote Sensing and GIS. They also addressed gaps and challenges in water quality monitoring and management; establishing the decision-making context of institutions working in the water quality monitoring and analysis and identification of information sharing platforms, tools and methods relevant in the water quality thematic area. The relationship between these institutions at national and regional levels in terms of information shared was also established. 

The experts also discussed a one year work plan of what can be done collaboratively to achieve the workshop's goal. The workshop combined participatory activities where participants discussed about national and regional institutions working in water quality issues. They were divided into three groups and tasked to discuss various questions during the course of the workshop.


The workshop came up with the following outputs: National stakeholder maps for Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania; Effective communication methods and tools with the stakeholders; Gaps and challenges surrounding the use of Earth Observation and GIS systems and a a draft workplan for the next one year for the water quality project. 

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